WMUA Spring 2014 Programming Schedule
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
12:00 AM Sharon & Alex • Fear of Small Talk DJ Chunky Funk • The Funkadelic Experience Archduke Turek • Electric Swingdom DJ DANGER • Malarky Haley & Charlotte • Turnips N’ Beets Amaanster • The Low Reaches of Sound Mountain Donna Crandall • Prima Donna’s
1:00 AM
2:00 AM Ryan Frisby & Hannah Masek • Good Vibrations Conor McMahon • Conor’s Corner WMUA Automated Programming Annie Day • CTRL-ALT-DEL DJ AfroDite • The Afro-Deesiac Show Tactik & Drift • Dogs on Acid Emily Graham • Whirlwind City
3:00 AM
4:00 AM WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming WMUA Automated Programming
5:00 AM
Mitch Moskal • Early Bird Polka Show Todd Zaganiacz • Polka Carousel
6:00 AM Al Sax • Blue Monday Fern • Oblivion Express Avalon Lustick • Paradise in the Morning Darryl Clark • Old School Hollis Wheeler • Jazz Flights
7:00 AM
Billy Belina • Polka Bandstand
9:00 AM Mark Gardner • The Jazz Garden Ron Freshly • Fresh Sounds Ken Irwin • Java Jazz Dave Hart • Other Voices, Other Blues Glenn Siegel • Jazz in Silhouette Helen Curtin • Polka Celebration
10:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:00 PM Bryan Grabigel • Evil Bar-B-Que Addison Thomas • Melting Point Elliot Burke • Grooved Pavement Kevin Cornelius • Global Vibes Ramblin’ Blind Josh Pearson • Midnight Honey From The Diamond Mine Dee Michel • A Little Stage Music Friends of Ken Mosakowski • Focus
1:00 PM Daddy Wags and the CB&B Crew • Country Blues & Bluegrass
2:00 PM Carolyn Gorss • Songs of the Wild
Emily Bedenkop • Independent Studies a n j • The Electric Beach Yulin San • No Enemy Katie & Dave • Thursday's Rhythm & Blues Review Stew Man Doo • Blue Vibe
3:00 PM EdM • Nine Volt Heart
4:00 PM John Holowczak • Under the Umbrella
WMUA SPORTS • Sportsline Jennie Traschen • Undercurrents Maeve Pagès • State of the Student Leopoldo • Tan Cerca Tan Lejos Francesca Rheannon • Writer's Voice
5:00 PM Daisy Mathias • Poetry A La Carte DJ Louise • Celtic Crossings
6:00 PM Peter McQuillan • Age of Exploration Emily Pierce • Mixtape Marvels Alex Gogol • Not Another Indie Show Chloe Doyle • Music to Walk Home By Chris & Rec • TRGGR Radio Tony Udell • Underground Spiritual Game
7:00 PM David Gowler • History of American Music
8:00 PM Ken Maiuri • Wiggly World DJ Von Layaway • The Upside of the Downside Mike Fay & Matthew Thornton • Museum of Modern Alt Mike Campell • Fuzz 'n Grime Juliann McEachern • Slow Burn Lily Grant & Brittany Koff • Logical Insanity
9:00 PM Max Shea • Martian Gardens
10:00 PM DJ 12XU • Hidden Spheres DJ Basement Basement • Homewrecker Thorian Maxwell • Spaced Out Radio DJ Zip-Loq • Tupperware Party Studebaker Hawk • Acapulco Nights Nicole • The Brew
11:00 PM