Once a year, WMUA interrupts our regular broadcast of public affairs, UMass Sports and lots of strange and beautiful music, to invite listeners to phone in and contribute to the dynamic radio voice of the University of Massachusetts.

WMUA, licensed to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is a student and community radio station, in continuous operation on campus for over 65 years. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to an audience within 20 miles of Amherst, and stream our signal via our web site (www.wmua.org). WMUA is one of the largest student organizations on campus, with an annual budget in excess of $100,000 (more than half of it raised through individual donations, business underwriting and other fundraising.) The money we raise will allow us to buy and repair equipment and further improve our service to the campus and Pioneer Valley.

WMUA employs 18 student department directors and relies on approximately 75 volunteers to produce its award-winning programming and support our administrative effort.

The special Fund Drive phone number is 413-577-3000.

Tax-deductible pledges of support will be thanked with t-shirts, concert tickets, compact discs and other gifts.

WMUA is a complex facility, in that it has to support both the latest, as well as the oldest sound technologies used, in order to bring you our unique programming. While it is well equipped for analog audio testing, WMUA needs digital audio testing equipment as well as computer networking test gear.

An example of our 2013 wishlist!
An example of our 2013 expenses!

Digital Audio Analyzer: $1,900.00
Digital Audio Generator: $740.00
Computer Network Test Set: $970.00
30 Year-Old Production Studio Renovation: $15,000.00

New Web-Server Machine: $495.00
New Audio Streaming Software: $300.00
Engineering Studies for Backup Tower: $1,500.00
Replacement Modems for Transmitter: $1,200.00
Annual Software Support Fees: $1,500.00
Playlist Service Subscription: $420.00
New Remote Broadcast Mixer: $450.00
New Remote Broadcast Internet Transceiver: $1,200.00
Replacement Sportscaster Headset: $550.00
AC Electrical Power Conditioner for News Studio: $475.00
Special 78RPM Record Equipment: $145.00
Replacement Studio Headphones: $300.00
Microphone Hangers: $220.00

Here are some examples of the 2013 donation premiums!

With a $30 donation receive a WMUA T-Shirt!
Sizes are: S M L XL XXL

With a $60 donation receive a WMUA Sweatshirt!
Sizes are: S M L XL XXL