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The Breakdown Shakedown
with Dr. Mess
The Breakdown Shakedown gives the best of new and noteworthy music across the Post Hardcore and Indie genres each week, told with the passion and knowledge of none other than Dr. Mess. The show combines curated selections with interviews, news, releases, and tour dates across the genres that you wouldn't want to miss. Tune in to hear the Pretty, Punky, Heavy, and Funky sound you didn't know you loved.
Time Artist Song Album
01:43am Silent Planet Dying In Circles Everything Was Sound
01:34am Sea In The Sky Tread Lightly Visions
01:28am Icarus The Owl Black Fish Icarus The Owl
01:20am Dance Gavin Dance Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise Mothership
01:15am Rome Hero Foxes Falling Out For When You're Falling Backwards
01:04am Anthony Green You'll Be Fine Pixie Queen
01:00am I The Mighty The Hound And The Fox Oil In Water
12:51am Hail The Sun The 'Fun' In Dysfunction Culture Scars
12:48am Amarionette Get It Right Repeating History
12:42am Artifex Pereo Paper Ruled All Passengers

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