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Martian Gardens
with Max
Martian Gardens is a program of chamber, orchestral, jazz ensemble, electroacoustic, electronic, and mixed media musics emphasizing developments in the "classical" genre from the WWI era through the present day. The purpose of Martian Gardens is to provide a history of musical developments since the early 20th century and an outlet for living artists and composers who are generally excluded from popular commercial and publicly-funded media in the United States
Time Artist Song Album
10:08pm Nick Didkovsky Seltzer Session Ii&I/Ice Cream Time Song Ice Cream Time
09:54pm Alvin Lucier Risonanza Broken Line
09:33pm Pauline Oliveros Time Perspectives Reverberations (Boxed Set)
09:22pm Nocturnal Emissions Susnpot Activity Xii Sunspot Activity
09:17pm Pas Musique Listening To Interstellar Space Inside The Spectrum
09:13pm David Lee Myers/Marco Oppedisano An Infinitely Hot And Dense Dot Tesla At Coney Island
09:06pm Dariusz Mazurowski The Great Red Spot Of Jupiter Non Acoustic Symphony
09:01pm Jacqueline Humbert Attunement Chanteuse
08:55pm The Tallest Man On Earth 1904 There's No Leaving
08:48pm Post War Years All Eyes All Eyes - Single

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