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with Purple B. Bryzen
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Time Artist Song Album
01:56am The Autumns Apple Suicide At Strell Park
01:50am Dead Can Dance The Fatal Impact Dead Can Dance (Remastered)
01:45am Clan Of Xymox Stumble And Fall Clan Of Xymox
01:38am The Cure Charlotte Sometimes Staring At The Sea - The Singles
01:34am Cranes Shining Road Loved
01:30am Ikon Stranger I'Ve Become Flowers For The Gathering (Special Edition) [Remastered]
01:22am White Room Painless Fizzy Liquid - Ep
01:19am Shytalk Chains Unknown
01:16am M. W. Wild The Third Decade The Third Decade - Single
01:13am Fotocrime Plate Glass Eyes Always Hell - Single

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